Extract Business Email and Telephone Numbers from Facebook

estrarre email da facebook

Facebook Leads Extractor

FB Leads Extractor extracts data from Facebook’s Business Profiles. Information like business name, address, phone number, websites, number of likes, number of check-ins and email addresses are just few of the elements that you can get with this incredible tool.

You can search by any category or keyword like restaurants, coffee-clubs, and hotels and in any location, city, state or country. You can use zip codes or a radius in meters to get more specific results.

Firstly, DOWNLOAD and installa FB Leads Extractor on your PC (it supports all Windows OS)

Step 1. Install the software on your computer. Run it and you’ll see this window:

estrarre dati da facebook

Step 2. Login on your Facebook account

Type your e-mail and password to access to your facebook account with this tool.  After that it will open a “developer page” where you will have to click on GET ACCESS TOKEN button.

                estrarre dati da facebook

After clicking “Get Access Token” button, you will see a pop-up. Check all box in this window and finally click on “Get Access Token” (at the bottom of the window):


After that, please close all windows and the software too.

Step 3. Restart FB Leads Extractor and you’see this main screen:

            spider facebook

Step 4. Start Searching for Business Leads

Type a “Category” (oe keyword like “restaurant” or “hotel” or “doctors”) and a “Location” (city or region). Please type also a “Radius” number (e.g 5 to search in a radius of 5 Km).

facebook ricerca

Finally click on START button and the tool will scan all facebook pages to extract what you want.

 facebook extractor

Note: The Demo version will let you see the first 30 results. Export feature is disabled.

Note 2: If you want extract email addresses click on SETTINGS –> DATA:

estrarre numeri da facebook

Then select “Extract emails from websites” check-box.

Step 5. Click SELECT ALL and then on EXPORT DATA to export all data on a CSV file.

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