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G-Business Extractor

5554591G-Business Extractor is a powerful tool that help you to find business leads from Google Maps

Google Maps is a source where you can find millions of business leads classifieds by categories and locations.
You can search by your target keywords in your locations. This software will search and find business information like website, email addresses, phone, fax, etc..

The excellent Local Business Extractor has been created to beat any competitor with its powerful features:

> Extract Data (e-mail addresses, phone, fax, business name, etc) from Google Maps dorectory in seconds with just one click.
> User can search in any category and location.
> Support proxies for connection. > Automatic updates when sources sites change.
> Export results to CSV or XLS


STEP 1. Download and Install G-Business Extractor on your computer. (It supports all Windows SO)

This is the program’s main interface:

STEP 2. Select the category and location that you desire to scan.

Click ADD button to add the category and the desided Location, from the top-left of the main interface.

About “location” windows, you will be able to select the Country, State, City and ZIP CODE:

Before starting the scan, click SETTINGS –> Data and set the data to export. If you desire to extract more email address please select the box “Extract emails from websites” as shown in figure below:


Click OK to return to the mail interface.

STEP 3. Click on “GET DATA” button 1460707344-6414-estrarre-indirizzi3 to start capturing data


STEP 4. Click on “Select All” button and then on “Export Data” to extract all info in csv files. That’s all!!

Note 1 : If you have the trial version you will be not able to export data. You need to purchase the full version. Click on “Buy Full Version” button to request the license code.

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Google Maps Scraper –  Video Tutorial



If you see a lot of duplicates during the capture it means that the tool does not find other results and you can STOP and EXTRACT data.
If you search for niche categories in a certain city we suggest you to follow these steps to avoid duplicates and to complete the task in few minutes.

STEP 1. Open the software and go in SETTINGS and set 5-10 results per zip code as shown below

STEP 2. Set the keyword and location. About the location you just need to select the city and select all zip codes.


STEP 3. Click GET DATA to start capture data


STEP 4. Export data and you will have no duplicates

17 thoughts on “Google Maps Extractor | Capture Business Data from Google Maps

  1. Jose ha detto:

    Hello iI am interested on email from paginas amarillas de España.
    I need to do it page by page????
    any idea?
    Thank you!

    1. admin ha detto:

      The software is able to extract all data automatically, not page by page.

  2. Ira Rabinowitz ha detto:

    I downloaded the trial. Tried lawyers, attorneys and law firms as category.
    It says no tasks.

    1. admin ha detto:

      You need to set also the “location” before starting to get data…

  3. junaid khattak ha detto:

    Hello when i add location it shows me an Error “MySql Host” .
    please help me out

    1. admin ha detto:

      Be sure you are using the latest version. You can download it from this link:

  4. junaid khattak ha detto:

    Dear Admin,
    thank s for your help demo version was working well.
    but there is an issue that location of my country is not available in location section if we buy full version then will you add my country location in that?
    My country name is “Pakistan”
    waiting for your Response

    1. admin ha detto:

      Yes, we can add it

  5. SuperEditor ha detto:

    Today we added INDIA country

  6. Owen Sampson ha detto:

    Hi, is there anyway for the software to tell if a Google Maps listing has been claimed?

    1. admin ha detto:

      No, sorry.. it is not possible at the moment.

  7. Stefano ha detto:

    On how many computers can I use G-Business Extractor with one license?

    1. admin ha detto:

      On max 2 different PC.
      But we suggest to purchase 1 license per PC so that if you change PC you will not have any issue.

  8. karthik ha detto:

    even after downloading latest version im getting mysql error

    1. admin ha detto:

      Maybe your antivirus or firewall is blocking the connection to our db

  9. mike hanna ha detto:

    can g business extractor used zith other sites
    or only just google map

    1. admin ha detto:

      Google maps only.

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