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Y-Leads Extractor ( Yelp & Yellow Pages Scraper)

Very useful program for those who want to find and collect addresses and leads from international yellow pages directory or Yelp directory.
Thanks to Y-Leads Extractor you can automate the extraction of data (addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc …) from yellow pages and Yelp international directory
You just need to select the source (e.g Yellow Pages USA, Spain, France, etc), enter the desired keyword and location and start the search. Finally click on GET DATA and the software automatically will capture all data (business name, address, city, phone number, email address, website url, etc.). All data can easily be saved on a CSV or EXCEL file on your PC.


G-Business Extractor (Google Maps Scraper)

5554591G-Business Extractor is a unique extractor software that allows you to capture business data directly from the GOOGLE MAPS database. You will be able to find information such as company name, address, telephone, fax, email address, map coordinates, and much more.
With this powerful scraper you will be able to get telephone directories, email addresses of almost all the companies in the world.
All data can be saved in a CSV file to be imported into Excel or in any database.


The version of G-Business Extractor for Mac is now also available. Click on the button below to access the detail page from which you can download the free demo version of the app compatible with macOS.

TOTAL Email & Phone Extractor

TOTAL Extractor is the software designed for those who want to capture data directly from the search engine results (BING and GOOGLE). With this extractor you can retrieve info based on the keywords entered and in addition to the title and description you can extrapolate email addresses and telephone numbers (both for companies and individuals). All this information can be saved in a CSV file to be imported into Excel or in any database.
What are you waiting for? Install this program, enter the keyword of your interest and start capturing all the results that appear on Bing or Google.



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