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TripAdvisor is a popular online platform that provides reviews, recommendations, and information on travel-related content. It was founded in 2000 and has since become one of the largest travel websites in the world. TripAdvisor offers user-generated content such as reviews, ratings, and photos for hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other travel-related businesses. Travelers can use the platform to research destinations, plan trips, and make bookings

TripAdvisor is available for different countries and in different languages: United Stats ( Germany (, Italy (, Spain (, France (, Brasil ( Austria, Holland,  Canada, Argentina, Portugal, etc …

TripAdvisor Extractor is a tool that allows you to scrape data from all of these sources. Once the search has been carried out and the data obtained, it will be possible to export all the data to a CSV file.


To extract information (phone numbers, email addresses, restaurant names, hotels, ratings, images, etc) from TripAdvisor, here are the main steps to take.

STEP 1. Download and install TripAdvisor Extractor on your Windows PC

Here is the link to download the free demo version that allows you to capture the first 35 results of each search:

Download Trial     Buy Now  

After installing and starting the program, this main screen will open:

Extract data from TripAdvisor


STEP 2. Select your Region/Country from the drop down menu to open TripAdvisor in your language and for locations you need

Once you choose the country, the homepage of TripAdvisor will open

Tripadvisor homepage

STEP 3. Select the category and location

Now you can select the category clicking on Hotels, Things to Do or Restaurants and in the box below you need to enter the location (e.g a city). Click on the “Search” button. Once the page with the search results appears in the program, click on the GET DATA button and the software will begin to extract all the informations: business name, location, number of reviews, average rating, telephone number, link photo, email address, etc …

Below is the screen shot you will see while capturing ad data:

Get data from Tripadvisor

The program first will scrape basic information and then it will start scraping internal pages to extract email addresses and phone number:

Extract email from tripadvisor

Step 4. Data Export

At the end of the data extraction click on SELECT and then on EXPORT. You can export the data to an excel, csv or txt file (to choose the type of file to export click on the SETTINGS menu at the top and then select the output format).

NB: The export is only active with the “FULL” version of the program. In the demo version, on the other hand, after 35 captured results, the following window will appear inviting you to purchase the program license (Cick here to access to the purchase page and request the unlimited license valid for 1 year)


From the program settings, in addition to choosing the format of the exported file, it also allows you to select which data to export. For example, if you are interested in exporting only the advertiser’s name and mobile (or landline) number, select the “Name” and “Phone” boxes and click OK to confirm. This way the exported file will contain only these two columns.

TripAdvisor Data Extractor VIDEO TUTORIAL


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