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Y-Leads Extractor is one of the best programs  for its data extraction functions from the main “business directories”, such as those of YELLOW PAGES of different countries in the world. With the latest version these features have been enhanced and now the software also supports data extraction also from YELP, a popular global directory that contains information from companies, businesses, freelancers, and so on, from any city and region on the earth globe.

Yelp is a service to search for any business with a forum for review and sharing powered by the users themselves. In the US this directory has been popular for several years, but in other countries its popularity is growing year after year.

How to scrape data from YELP with Y-Leads Extractor

To extract data from YELP (company name, complete address, telephone number, email address, website, etc …) you can use Y-Leads Extractor. The procedure to follow to get this data (WITHOUT LIMITS) is very simple and intuitive. Here is the guide step by step.

Click on the “Download Trial” button to download the free demo version of this software:

Download Trial  

With the trial version you can understand how the software works and view the first 35 data captured from YELP by the program. The export in the demo version is disabled and only with the purchase of the license it is enabled (the export supports Excel or CSV file)

After installing and running the program you will see this initial screen:

On the homepage of the program you will see links to all supported sources from which you can extract the data you want. In addition to the yellow pages sites you will also notice links to YELP sites divided by country.

Click on the desired source, example YELP.COM for US and the following screen will open:

From Yelp.com you will be able to search for any company in any country or city in the world

So, make the search you want, for example, Hotel in Los Angeles. Wait for the page to open with the search results:

Now click on the CAPTURE button and the program will start to take all the data of  results and will turn the pages automatically until the end of the results themselves.

At the end of the extraction click on SELECT and then on EXPORT and you can save the data on CSV or EXCEL files. That’s all!

As you can see it’s really easy! Download the free trial now and start immediately to extract data from YELP !!

Click on the “Download Trial” button to download the free demo version of this YELP Scraper software:

Download Trial          BUY NOW

Clicking on Buy Now (only 79 USD) you will receive the annual license to activate and use the software without limits!



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